Women in Stem Scholarships in 2023-2024

Things are continually changing when it comes to granting women in some developing and low-income countries the same legal protections as males. Most of the time, they have fewer chances than everyone else.

Yet, the world has changed, and now there are agencies and groups helping women worldwide access the same opportunities and technologies as males. In light of this, we have compiled a list of some of the most prestigious 2023 International Scholarships open to women. This rapidly changing world needs you to step forward today so you can expand your horizons and learn.

This article aims to provide information on all available scholarships, not only those in the STEM professions. These grants are available for various academic pursuits; from high school through graduate school to a doctoral degree.

Information On Women’s STEM Awards For 2023

  • Country: International
  • Degree level: Undergraduate/Graduate/Doctoral programs
  • Scholarships: Fully/Partially Funded
  • Category: Scholarships
  • Due Date: Varies

Stem Benefits of Women’s Scholarships in 2023

These scholarships help women worldwide further their education without worrying about how they will afford it. They cover the entire cost of tuition for undergraduate and graduate study in various disciplines. They also provide other advantages. Now is the time to go after your aspirations and get a college degree from a prestigious institution, no matter where you happen to be.

Women in Stem Scholarships in 2023-2024

Scholarship Opportunities for Women in STEM

Here some of the top scholarship opportunities available over the following few months as you prepare to take the world by storm with your knowledge. The details of these grants are as follows:

  1. Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund
  2. AAUW International Fellowships
  3. Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future
  4. OWSD Early Career Fellowship
  5. Soroptimist Live your dreams Awards
  6. Women’s International Fund for Education
  7. UNESCO L’Oreal Fellowships

Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund

Women from low- and middle-income countries are encouraged to apply for graduate scholarships from the Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund. The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund pays for these students’ educational and living costs.

Visit this official site for more details.

AAUW International Fellowships

Applying for an AAUW International Fellowship will allow you to pursue your graduate or postgraduate degree in the STEM professions full-time. The recipients of these fellowships are not required to pay back any money they receive. The award amounts for these fellowships average around $50,000. In August of 2023, we will begin accepting applications.

For more details visit here

Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future:

That opens the door for women worldwide to enroll in Ph.D. and postdoctoral programs in STEM for the first time. The financial aid package is meant to cover the student’s entire educational and living costs. Prospective participants can review the application requirements on the program’s main website and determine whether they meet them.

Soroptimist Live Your Dreams Awards:

 Need-based scholarships are available to women in an undergraduate degree program or a program providing skills/vocational training. The costs of getting to and from school are what the Soroptimist “live your dream,” an award is meant to pay.

Women worldwide who have always dreamed of getting a college degree can now take advantage of the Women’s International Fund for Education (official website: Soroptimist Awards ).

 The deadline to apply is April 7, 2023.


The current list of Stem Women scholarships available to international students has been presented. Take advantage of this opportunity if you’re interested in pursuing a degree in a STEM field.

Women in Stem Scholarships in 2023-2024
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