Fully Funded Austria Scholarships without IELTS 2023

Have you ever heard of a country boasting a state-of-the-art educational system, free tuition for students from the European Union and the European Economic Area, and affordable education for students outside the EU and the EEA? While the cost of an education in Austria is meager, many students nevertheless look for ways to save money.  There is an opportunity for overseas students to attend the top universities in Austria, which consistently rank among the world’s best.

Now is your chance to take advantage of everything that Austria has to offer academically by applying for one of the many fully funded scholarship opportunities at top universities nationwide. Both governmental and non-governmental groups provide funding and organization for these awards. With the help of these grants, you may concentrate on your studies without worrying about tuition, housing, food, and other costs.

Fully Funded Austria Scholarships without IELTS 2023

Information About Scholarships

  • Country: Austria
  • Institute: Various
  • Type: Fully Paid
  • Category: Scholarships
  • Deadline: Varies
  • Degree Level: Short Courses/Bachelor’s/Master’s/Ph.D.

Academic Awards from Austria Benefits

International students can significantly benefit from these scholarships, as they are designed to pay as many of the student’s educational costs as possible.

Payment of all related expenses, including those associated with

  • Living expenses and medical care;
  • Payment of tuition and related fees
  • Expenses for travel
  • Food while in transit,
  • Reimbursement for research fees

Scholarships That Don’t Require The IELTS For 2023

Below is a compilation of all the Scholarships available to help overseas students with their tuition costs, such as;

Scholarship from the Austrian Government:

Any qualified overseas students who wish to study in Austria can receive these scholarships from the Austrian government. These fellowships cover tuition at all of Austria’s reputable universities so that you can earn your Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees there. You can apply from anywhere worldwide for these government-funded scholarships provided by the Foundation of the Republic of Austria. Studying in nearly any academic discipline can be done without taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Awarding Scholarships by the Austrian Government:

Health care coverage

  • Per Diem for trips
  • Accommodation
  • Scholarship Payments are Made Every Month

Conditions for Eligibility

Candidates for Bachelor’s degree programs are required to have completed 12 years of formal education at an accredited institution of higher learning; candidates for Master’s degree programs are required to have completed both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree; and candidates for Doctoral degree programs are required to have completed both a Master’s and a Doctoral degree.

Candidates for the Doctoral Program must be under the age of 40; applicants to the Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs must be under the age of 35.

Applicants from around the world, except Austrian citizens, are welcome to submit their applications for the scholarship.

You can apply here for this scholarship.

Austrian Development Cooperation Scholarship

There are two types of scholarships offered by the Austrian Development Cooperation. To name a few: 

  • Scholarships for ADC’s priority nations – locate your nation here
  • Second, grant aid to universities in other underdeveloped countries.

All eligible overseas students can enroll in the Tourism Management, Entrepreneurship, Teacher Training, or Hotel Management Modules.


  • Covering the costs of tuition, housing, medical coverage, and a stipend each month
  • Round-trip plane tickets between your nation and Salzburg
  • Trips, Meal provisions (Monday to Sunday)

Scholarship Requirements for the ADC

The scholarship is open to applicants from all around the world, except Austrian citizens, and those applying must be 35 or younger. Visit this website for applying.

Institute of Science and Technology Austria Scholarship

These grants are available to students in the research and doctoral degree programs at the Institute of Science & Technology Austria (IST) in Austria. They provide internships as well.

Scholarship recipients receive financial support for tuition, books, meals, housing, books, research, medical care, health insurance, travel, excursions, and a monthly stipend. You can apply for this scholarship here.


We have compiled a list of Austrian scholarship opportunities for overseas students today. Both undergraduate and graduate degree programs are welcome to apply for the awards. Take advantage of the fact that all scholarship information is provided on one page, including official application links.

Fully Funded Austria Scholarships without IELTS 2023
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