Benefits to Get and Learn Python Scholarship

Here is your opportunity to learn Python online. If you use the skills you’ve gained, you might win $5,000 towards your continued education, purchase hardware and software, or fund educational projects. The Datacamp Everyone Can Learn Python Scholarship 2023 is now accepting applications through April 30th.

Python is consistently ranked as one of the programming languages experiencing the most rapid expansion. Because of its readability, simple system, and pre-programmed syntax, it is a favorite among data scientists and programmers. It has also made fantastic employment prospects available to thousands of people worldwide. It is an excellent opportunity to get your feet wet in the world of programming languages or to add another skill to your already extensive toolbox.

Benefits to get and Learn Python Scholarship

Why Get Trained in Python?

Python is routinely recognized as one of the fastest-growing programming languages. Readability, simplicity, and pre-programmed syntax are just a few reasons why it’s so well-liked among developers and data scientists. In addition, it has provided tens of thousands of individuals worldwide with excellent opportunities for gainful employment. That is a fantastic chance to either dive headfirst into the fascinating world of programming languages or to round up your already robust skill set.

Python’s syntax is designed to be easy to understand, making it a language that can be picked up quickly, even by those who have never written a line of code. Because of this, you will be able to understand it considerably more rapidly than you would be able to master other programming languages, and you will be well on the way to potentially beginning a career in data science, digital marketing, machine learning, or data analysis.


  • This scholarship requires applicants to be at least 18 years old before they may be considered for eligibility.
  • Be a student in an accredited secondary school, post-secondary institution, or postgraduate program.
  • For additional information and a list of the courses that do not qualify, please visit this website.
  • Do not possess a degree from an institution of higher learning in the fields of computer science, data science, data analytics, or a discipline of study that is analogous to or connected to these subjects.


  • A prize of $5,000 for the winner to go towards their continued education or formal schooling
  • A prize of $1,000 for each of the top five runners-up to put toward their education

Application Process

Instructions on How to Take Part: 

  • First, visit and fill out the short application.
  • After completing the form, a free account will be created for you in DataCamp.
  • To prepare for the challenge, you should finish the free courses “Introduction to Python” and “Introduction to SQL.”
  • Put your recently acquired expertise to use by completing the two challenges and submitting your answers!
  • Participating does not cost anything, and your contact information will not be given to a third party under any circumstances.

Achieve Victory through Practice

Before beginning work on your submission, we suggest you complete two introductory courses; however, you might also find it beneficial to look into several projects to hone your Python abilities before beginning work on your entry. The application submission period started on September 1st, 2022, and will end on March 31st, 2023. Winners of the scholarship and runners-up will be notified on or around May 1st, 2023, and will be contacted personally before this date.

Winner Selection Criteria

 The participant who earns the highest score in the scholarship challenge will be designated the winner. For a comprehensive rundown of the marking criteria, please refer to the page that contains the scholarship application. DataCamp retains the right to choose a victor using alternate criteria if the score of each participant is tied.

Benefits to Get and Learn Python Scholarship

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