Chef Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship (Free Accommodation and Free Staff Meals)

Chef Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship (Free Accommodation and Free Staff Meals): UK’s official immigration portal tells us that demands for cooks/ chefs or private chefs is increasing every year. One significant increase was witnessed in the year 2020 i.e. 171% increase in the number of people searching for private chefs in the UK. That doesn’t mean to say that chefs/ cooks are not demanded in the hospitality industry. If you get a chef work visa, either by yourself or through an employer’s sponsorship, you get a permit to stay in the UK for 5 years, during which you can apply for a work visa at any point.

According to Food Service Equipment General, despite hundreds of thousands of jobs being created every year, the chef/ cook profession is among the top ten demanded skilled/ semiskilled job positions in the UK. Realizing this, we have brought Chef Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship for you that grants many amazing benefits like free staff meals, free accommodation, bonuses, commission, etc. But to enter UK as a Chef/ Cook, you should at least have 3-5 years of experience or more. Read this post to its fullest and get all your queries answered about Chef Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship (Free Accommodation and Free Staff Meals.

What does it take to be Chef/ Cook in UK with Visa Sponsorship?

  • You either need a degree in professional cookery or culinary arts or NVQ Diploma in culinary arts.
  • Relevant experience for a level 4 or level 5 course or job experience as cook/ chef (minimum 5 years is the most desirable one, which can even land you to Head Chef positions).
  • GCSEs in Maths and English is a good start.
  • For Visa Sponsorship, you must have proven work experience of at least 3-5 years.

Is IELTS necessary for Chef/ Cook Jobs? If yes, how much score?

A minimum Band 5 Score is needed.

What are the visa options for a Chef/ Cook to immigrate to UK?

Skilled Worker Visa, Temporary Worker Visa, Paid Permitted Engagement Visa,

Which Chef/ Cook Job positions are eligible for visa sponsorship under skilled worker visa route?

  • Chef
  • Chef-manager
  • Head chef
  • Pastry chef.

What is the minimum national wage for a Chef/ Cook?

25,600 per annum, £10.10 per hour,

What is the average salary of a chef going on in UK?

18,900 (£9.32 per hour). 

Total Working Hours for a Chef in UK?

39 hours per week maximum.

How many funds are needed for Chef/ Cook Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship?

£1,270 in savings for self-support while in the UK.

What are the job duties of a Chef/ Cook:

  1. Prepare food items on the menu and deliver them to the customers in a timely manner.
  2. Determine the time each step of the menu item/dish preparation takes and guide other chefs/juniors according to this clock.
  3. Must prepare his dishes/ perform his duties as effectively as possible.
  4. His daily operations may include baking, grilling, frying, cutting, chopping, mixing, and sautéing, as required.
  5. Must report to Sous or Executive Chef about any issue hindering his duties, e.g., any ingredients shortage or inventory mishandling.
  6. Monitoring Inventory Levels.
  7. Keeping Kitchen/ Workstation effectively.
  8. Control costs by minimizing waste, monitoring portions, and optimizing ingredient usage.
  9. Coordinating with junior kitchen staff, including sous chefs, line cooks, and dishwashers, to ensure smooth and efficient kitchen operations.
  10. Ensure compliance with food safety and hygiene standards.

What are the benefits a chef/ cook gets along with visa sponsorship in the UK?

Chefs of all levels are eligible for the basic benefits mentioned in the UK Labor Law like paid annual leaves, paid holidays, health insurance, etc. However, to get access to some mind-blowing benefits mentioned below, you need to apply for Head Chef/ Cook Job role, demanding at least 5 years of experience, professional excellence, and its proven experience. These benefits are:

  1. Competitive Salary.
  2. Visa Sponsorship.
  3. Free Accommodation.
  4. Free Transport.
  5. Free Ticket.
  6. Free Food.
  7. ( Every Year 30 Days Leave).
  8. Free Medical.

How to Apply for Chef/ Cook Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship?

We have brought forward you an easier than never before method to apply for Chef/ Cook Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship; click on the link below and forward your CV directly without any profile registration, etc.

Click Here to Apply

Chef Jobs in UK with Visa Sponsorship (Free Accommodation and Free Staff Meals)
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