Canadian Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023 (Complete Guide)

Canadian Companies offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023 (Complete Guide with online application link): There are many new startups, run of the mill companies, and very famous companies that sponsor unskilled and skilled foreign workers on Visa Sponsorship. As we learned earlier that Canada is facing a labor shortage and nearly one million workers are invited by the Canadian government on a temporary work visas scheme, the private sector is also investing in the opportunity to attract qualified foreign workers. To talk specifically, Canada, unlike many other countries, doesn’t ”sponsor” a worker but assists a foreign worker to come and work in Canada by securing a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or submitting an electronic job offer (LMIA exempt categories). Similarly, another common route is the Temporary Foreign Workers Program, which requires an LMIA too. Some other moves by the Canadian government to enter the talented foreign workforce are Canada Global Talent Stream (GTS), NAFTA Work Permits, CETA Work Permits, Open Work Permits, etc.

However, the sponsorship can be temporary or permanent depending on if your visa class allows you to offer for PR or not. Corporate Work Sponsorship or Work Sponsorship by an employer takes place if your employer successfully proves before the Ministry of Labor that there is a shortage of skilled/ unskilled labor in Canada that fulfills the skill criteria of this job. In this article, we will guide you completely about Canadian Companies offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023 (Complete Guide with online application link)

Canadian Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023

Job Overview of Canadian Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023:

  • Job Title: Visa Sponsorship Jobs.
  • Expected Salary: Depends upon the job role.
  • Job Type: Skilled and Unskilled Both.
  • Eligible nationalities: All or specific depending upon the job.

Who can sponsor you to work in Canada?

According to the official website of Canada Immigration:

  • Spouse, Common-law, or Conjugal Partner. …
  • A parent or Grandparent Sponsorship. …
  • Child or Other Dependant Sponsorship. …
  • Orphaned brother, sister, nephew, niece, or grandchild. …
  • Other relatives (under exceptional circumstances as a “Lonely Canadian”).

What are the salary packages for Foreign Workers working in Canada with Visa Sponsorship?

It depends upon many factors like in which organization do you work, on which job post you are working at, your experience and skill level, etc.

What are the education & experience requirements for Foreign Workers Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship?

It depends upon the job role you are applying for, whether it is skilled or unskilled, the company’s requirements, and eligibility criteria. For unskilled job roles, like fruit picking, either you need a secondary education minimum with one year of experience or no education and experience at all. For skilled job roles, you need a Diploma/ Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 2-5 years of experience, depending upon if the job role you are applying for is semiskilled or fully skilled.

Do I need IELTS to work in Canada with Visa sponsorship?

Yes. According to the rules of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), IELTS is a must. For most jobs, You should have a minimum of an IELTS score of 6 per band, or Canadian Language Benchmark 5.

What is an LMIA and which types of Jobs are included in it?

LMIA is a permissive document Canadian Companies need before hiring foreign workers. Click Here to know more about LMIA.

Can Foreign Workers Apply for Permanent Residency in Canada?

Yes, they can apply for Permanent residency through Express Entry System. Mostly skilled job roles give you a PR Application right and not unskilled ones like Farming Jobs.

How Can I Find a Canadian Sponsor/ How to Apply for Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship?

You can request sponsorship from IRCC.

Fill out the form with accurate information.

Execute all the payments required for application like processing fee, PCC fee, Health Insurance fee, Biometrics fee, PR application, and grant fee.

Canadian Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship

1. Bell Canada.

Being the biggest gamer in Canada’s telecommunications industry, the company is a big advocate of inclusion, cultural diversity, and foreign workers support. It sponsors foreign workers through the Bell sponsorship program which aims at assisting international workers with the work permit procurement/ application process, all permits, and other vital immigration documents.

Click Here to Apply

2. Parrish & Heimbecker Canada.

It is the biggest family-owned agricultural/ farming company in Canada. Its prominence in grain marketing, flour milling, crop inputs, and feed inputs owes to the inclusion of talented foreign farm workers in its workforce. It expands its business by integrating talented and experienced food growers and manufacturers with their Canadian counterparts.

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3. CoCa-Cola Jobs Canada

Everyone knows Coca-Cola as the world’s most famous company for cold drinks. You can search for coke jobs in Canada by using some online job websites like: and many more. You can use Google to find more job posting websites offering Coca-Cola Company jobs.

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4. Scotia Banks Jobs Canada

You can find the link below to start your career at Scotiabank. Simply sign in with your email to create an account and explore Scotiabank career options.

Visit Here and Apply now

5. Microsoft Canada

Being, the world’s technological giant, Microsoft needs no introduction. If a firm is international, why not its job force? Microsoft accepts foreign workers on visa sponsorship, GTS, Intra-Company Transfers, and many other routes.

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6. Deloitte Canada

Deloitte is an international giant offering services related to auditing and assurance, financial consultancy, financial advisory, tax consultation, risk advisory, and other services.

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7. Google Canada

Google employs a large international workforce in the disciplines of Engineering and Technology, Sales, Legal, and Design just a few of the fields. It’s Google’s motto not to discriminate based on race, color, national origin, disability, or gender because it is an equal opportunity employer. If you are competent enough for the job role you are applying for, and you can communicate clearly in English or French, don’t miss the opportunity.

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8. Amazon

Just like Google, Amazon also believes in a diverse and inclusive workforce. These international giants have a variety of fields/ areas to choose from, which further consist of thousands of job roles each. Amazon is also famous for its unmatched job benefits scheme for employees and their families.

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9. Elastic Path

Elastic Path is a Canada-based international firm that uses middleware and API based solutions to connect template-less eCommerce with Enterprise Resource Planning, HR, Marketing, Product, and Sales Development. A number of vacancies are available in Business Development, HR, Marketing and Product Development, and Sales.

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10. KPMG

KPMG is a Canadian auditing and tax consultancy firm based in Vancouver providing its financial services to SMEs, new startups, big businesses, and students/apprentices in training. Their multicultural staff exemplifies the principles of cultural diversity and inclusion. They have branches in Asian countries as well.

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We have come to learn that there are many international companies, especially tech giants, that offer jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship. Farming and Agriculture companies also offer sponsorship, but mostly, you can’t apply for a PR based on them. So, we should earn a degree or learn a skill (like tailoring, or carpenter) to not only get Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada but also apply for PR afterward.

Canadian Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in 2023 (Complete Guide)
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