A Complete Guide to LMIA Approved Jobs in Canada

As we have discussed earlier, LMIA Jobs are visa sponsorship jobs by Canadian employers. Canada is a most coveted job destination for skilled and unskilled youth of underdeveloped countries because the Canadian Federal Government offers many educational, non educational opportunities and welfare programs for its residents and international workers. Another reason is that Canada’s healthcare and social benefits system is unparalleled. 

One of the easiest, surest, and most authorized methods to reach Canada as an international worker is LMIA or (Labor Market Impact Assessment). The LMIA Job openings validate your work and stay in Canada for any employer and in any province for 18 months. In this job post, we have tried to answer your questions about LMIA Approved Jobs in Canada. So, stay tuned till you reach the end because this post is a must read for those who have Canada as their future target work destination.

A Complete Guide to LMIA Approved Jobs in Canada

What is meant by LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)?

Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA is the permission document/ license an employer has to obtain from the Canadian Ministry of Labour to invite foreign workers to fill the temporary labor shortage and occupy the given job role. He first submits an application to the Ministry of Labour, fulfills the fee, and does all the paperwork, then if the Ministry of Labour thinks that there are no resident workers to fill the shortage, they approve the employer’s LMIA request and the employer can sponsor you for a work visa.

How Long does LMIA last?

LMIA lasts for 18 months.

What are the total number of vacancies available with LMIA?

357800 with a mix of skilled and unskilled job roles.

What type of employment(s) can we get through LMIA?

Full-time Seasonal/ On-contract or Full-Time Permanent depending upon the job role.

What is the average salary range of LMIA Jobs?

$45, 820- $77, 900 per year.

How Many LMIA Job categories are there?

Previously, LMIA has many classifications and subclassifications. But recently, LMIA Job classification is streamlined into two categories i.e. High Paying and Low Paying.

What LMIA Jobs are right out there?

As said earlier, there are all kinds of skilled and unskilled job roles available through LMIA. However, the following occupations are listed as the most demanded ones under LMIA:

  • Truck Drivers.
  • Registered Nurses (all fields).
  • Babysitters/ Nannies.
  • Caregivers.
  • Farm Workers/ Agriculture Jobs.
  • Farm Workers/ Farm Hands.
  • Software Engineers/ Developers.
  • IT Specialists.
  • Engineering professionals.
  • Technicians.
  • Cyber Security Specialists.
  • Construction workers/ managers.
  • Oil and Gas Drillers.
  • Electricians.
  • Plumbers.
  • Civil Engineers.
  • Web Developers
  • Web Designers.

How much Does LMIA Cost you?

Previously, LMIA fee was $275 per worker, but now it is $1000 per person. 

Can we get PR through LMIA? If yes, how long does it take?

Yes, you can apply for PR after a positive LMIA for a job role, but not at once. When LMIA is going to expire, you have to submit PR Application. Unless and Until the Canadian government is not sure that you fulfill all the requirements through the Express Entry Immigration System, you can’t settle in Canada as a permanent resident.

A Complete Guide to LMIA Approved Jobs in Canada
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