Unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners with visa sponsorship 2023

As one of the world’s most advanced nations, Germany is home to a sizeable international community. Several of these internationals have advanced degrees in one field, while others have none. Non-professional foreigners are the only ones eligible for unskilled occupations in Germany. Nonetheless, some highly talented people occasionally work in lower-level occupations. That may occur if they need more suitable employment opportunities in their chosen fields.

It goes without saying that “unskilled jobs” don’t require specialized training or education. Strong people sometimes get low-skilled jobs because of their physique. Some careers don’t require extensive training or experience but pay well nonetheless. Unskilled workers are frequently hired by businesses and individuals to help with household and office chores. You may see a list of unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners with visa sponsorship.

Unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners

Jobs Details:

  •  Country: Germany
  • Work Experience: Any
  •  Eligible countries: open worldwide
  • Employment Opportunities:  Visa Sponsorship

Jobs Benefits

  • Gaining experience in a more progressive workplace Career prospects are excellent
  • An employee’s ability to obtain a visa to enter Germany for work purposes has improved thanks to recent reforms.
  • You are also being offered the chance to be sponsored for a visa, making business travel to Germany much simpler.


In a nutshell, here is how it goes:

  • Both parties sign the contract
  • Documents are made by the worker who
  • Health coverage for three months (just average travel insurance)
  • Get an early-on lodging arrangement (e.g., hotel or serviced apartments)
  • Creates German translations of documents:
  • Degree documentation
  • A resume
  • The German National Visa can be obtained in as little as three to five days, allowing the employee to relocate to Germany in time to begin work. The holder of this visa will be authorized to perform the duties of their position.
  • The worker must apply for a German residence visa within three months. For this, you’ll need similar paperwork to what’s required for the visa.
  • Include a consultant who can monitor development and drive strategy.
  • Cover the cost of document translations, visa application expenses, and initial housing costs.

Average Salary

Germany’s average income and working conditions are superior to those in most European countries. De States, Germany’s Federal Statistics Office, reports that workers earned an average of €1271 per month. Nevertheless, men made much more ($1,964) than women ($1,330) monthly.

How to Apply?

Are you eager to apply for an unskilled job in Germany? The application link will take you to a filtered search page where you can locate current openings you are interested in applying for.

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Employment Opportunities for the Non-Skilled in Germany


Householder is the original translation of the German word Haussmann. The term “house-husband” is used in some circles. The Frankfurt Marriott Hotel in Berlin is looking for an immediate hire for the position of Haussmann to assist with guest services.

Most employers favor candidates for Haussmann positions who are personable, team-focused, and have an eye for detail. You’ll put in 8 hours daily, every day, and get paid between 10 and 12 euros an hour.

Serves As A Waiter

Waitpersons are in high demand in Germany, particularly at wine bars and corporate reception areas. Hands and Service GmbH is a leading employer of waiter staff in Germany. By working as a waiter in Germany, you can expect to earn anywhere between EUR 14 and EUR 18 per hour. Waitpersons in several establishments typically work 8-hour shifts.

A Caretaker

Foreigners seeking low-skilled work in Germany will find that caregiving is among the most in-demand fields. Individual Germans have the most significant demand for careers. In Germany, older adults often rely on hired help for their care. Those who live with elderly parents often hire careers to help with daily tasks, including meal preparation, medication management, housekeeping, and cooking. Some hospitals also use caregivers for less savory tasks.

Remover of Dirt

Many businesses and households contract with professional cleaning services to assist with this. A private individual may hire you to do chores like washing his car, cleaning his house, and doing laundry for him. A job as a cleaner does not necessitate any advanced education or specialized training. On the contrary, you need to demonstrate your competence to the business before you can be hired. There is a wide range of pay for cleaners in Germany. However, the average is from EUR 10 to EUR 12.


Cooks are another group that can find work in Germany without specialized training. Cooks with competence in preparing both traditional family fare and international cuisine are in high demand in both private homes and hotels (for hotels). The hiring process for cooks is more rigorous than that for cleaners, and candidates with prior expertise in the kitchen have an advantage. The crux of the proper test is figuring out if you can genuinely make the kind of and to the standard of meals needed by a family or hotel’s patrons.

Safe Employment

There is a requirement for security worldwide. Theft and other forms of criminal activity are a concern if the police aren’t always readily available to respond to emergencies, so they take precautions.

Thus, businesses and individuals in Germany are actively seeking trained security specialists to ensure the safety of their employees and assets. If you have experience in this area, you can take advantage of this opening because you won’t need a degree to get hired, and some companies will even sponsor your visa application.

Work at the Firm

Employment in Germany that will sponsor a work visa is a way for non-EU citizens to live and work in the country legally. If you are eligible for the position being offered, a substantial percentage of German businesses will pay for your visa so that you can work for them.

Paid Babysitting Positions

Foreigners with no relevant work experience can get nanny jobs in Germany. You need prior experience caring for infants to qualify for this position. German nannies make a decent wage, especially when compared to their counterparts in Asia and Africa.


Whether you’re unskilled or lack formal education, you can still find a job and get paid in Germany, making it a country of opportunities. Everything you need to know and do to get a high-paying job offer, although your lack of experience or training, is covered in the sections above. This data should be helpful in your search for low-skilled employment that will sponsor your visa to Germany.

Unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners with visa sponsorship 2023

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