Qatar Airways Specialist Jobs (How to Apply)

As the Events Specialist, you will be responsible for coordinating and carrying out the event schedule for Airport. Events consist of passenger activations for yearly national, CSR, and marketing campaigns, events organized in partnership with internal and external stakeholders, and handling sponsorship requests, among other things. Additionally, it assists Qatar Airways events when requested, including events at which the Qatar Airways brand can be shown and promoted.

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Qatar Airways Specialist Jobs (How to Apply)


  • Facilitating learner-focused training programs to a world-class standard and using adult learning and learner-focused methodologies.
  • Putting kids through tests that have been deemed acceptable to determine their skill levels
  • ·         It creates security-related courses and programs that adhere to the security legislation and procedures and the best practice methodology by the Line Manager’s directives.
  • The planning and design of learning events, in addition to the implementation of opportunities for staff members to network with one another, communicate with one another, mentor one another, and learn from one another.
  • It is developing solid relationships with the organization’s stakeholders, customers, and teams to understand the learning gaps within the company and to subsequently conduct research and make recommendations regarding the best practices for collaborative security-related learning.

Your potential and the kind of effect you may have in this environment are not limited in any way. You will have unlimited opportunities to develop yourself professionally by taking on the most complex and satisfying challenges and gaining valuable work experience in the process. You have the chance to shape your life however you see fit while contributing to the development of a global community where you will find yourself living.

Qualifications Required

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
  • Specialist position requires at least five years of expertise in a field linked to the job.
  • Fluency in Arabic is necessary.
  • Experience working in a variety of markets across many countries
  • Ability to describe problems, collect and evaluate data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions
  • Project management ability
  • Creative and strategic thinking ability
  • Ability to build and implement event plans

Key Responsibilities

  • Ability to establish facts and draw valid conclusions responsibility in the area of knowledge
  • You will be responsible for implementing the HIA’s events, marketing, and exhibitions program.
  • Assist in creating budgets for any events and submitting requests for any necessary permissions.
  • Contribute to compiling an annual budget for Events & Exhibitions, considering events that have already been confirmed and those still in the planning stages for the following Fiscal Year.
  • Assist with administrating expenditures while guaranteeing that the pre-approved budgets carry out all projects.
  • You are responsible for coordinating the manufacture and supply of promotional products to ensure the smooth running of an event.

How Should One Apply?     

To submit your application for the job openings, you will need to click the “apply here” button on the job posting. You will automatically be redirected to the official website when you click.

Qatar Airways Specialist Jobs (How to Apply)
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