Qatar Airways Customer Service jobs (How to Apply)

There are presently 31 openings for customer service positions at Qatar Airways, and the airline is looking for skilled candidates who are client-focused. Because of the flexibility of these positions, you will be able to assist in making the travel experience more pleasant for customers.

Supervisors at the Qatar Airlines Customer Service department play an essential part in the company because they are responsible for providing our customer support personnel with guidance and direction. You will be responsible for resolving customer complaints, monitoring performance, and coaching other team members to ensure high levels of service delivery when you are promoted to supervisor. You must be able to solve problems quickly, have strong communication skills, and work well independently and as part of a team to be considered for this position.

Qatar Airways Customer Service jobs (How to Apply)

Position Synopsis:

An excellent chance to join the Qatar Airlines Outstations Team is currently available. We are now seeking applicants for the Senior Airport Services Agent in Ground Services position to support our activities in Entebbe, which is located in Uganda.

It will be the responsibility of the Customer Experience – Senior Airport Services Agent to provide high-quality service to passengers regarding check-in, boarding, special services, lounges, and baggage services by QR’s commercial and safety standards and procedures, thereby ensuring that passengers and their baggage are handled in a manner that is consistent across the board.

Principal Obligations and Responsibilities:

  • To facilitate the seamless acceptance of passengers, you must maintain continual communication with the Check-in desk, the Transfer Desk, and any other relevant locations.
  • Communicated with the check-in desk, the transfer desk, and the Airport Services Supervisor regarding all aspects of the job.
  • Accompany and direct guests who are arriving or departing to the appropriate locations, such as the hotel desk, visa counter, transfer desk, premium lounges, and boarding gates, among other places.
  • Assist the duty officer in the management of company documents and materials.
  • Liaison with GHA to facilitate the speedy processing of hotel guests and people transferring between hotels.
    • Collaborate with GHA to guarantee that the handling of passengers goes well.
  • Help travelers with questions regarding entrance requirements, such as visas, residence permits, etc.
  • Guarantee that passengers are assisted smoothly while navigating the airport facilities.
  • Carries out any additional duties pertinent to the position, as directed, to guarantee that the work unit functions effectively and efficiently.

Accreditations, Professional Experience, and Relevant Work History:

  • Senior Airport Services Agents need to have completed Trade or Vocational qualifications to be considered for the job.
  • You need to have at least three years of experience relevant to the role and at least one year of pertinent knowledge working in Airport Operations for a major airline.
  • Proficient command of the English language along with exceptional communication abilities.
  • To succeed in this highly high-pressure and demanding workplace, you will need a positive attitude and a lot of energy.
  • Previous experience with DCS and familiarity with ticketing procedures are desirable qualifications for this position.
  • Capable of managing mishandled baggage services, particularly scenarios involving service recovery with customers
  • Preferably, successful completion of training in both passenger handling and customer service.
  • A very high degree of computer literacy
  • An excellent emphasis on the needs of the customer and delivery of service

How to Apply:

 If you know you have what you need to become a member of our five-star team, please take the first step and apply immediately by uploading your curriculum vitae and completing the online application for Qatar Airlines, which can be found at this link.

Qatar Airways Customer Service jobs (How to Apply)
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