Jobs in Canada for Truck Drivers in 2023

Many people are interested in truck driving jobs in Canada because they offer a chance to see the country while earning a living. Canadian cities and landscapes are some of the most beautiful in the world. A shortage of qualified long-haul truck drivers has increased Canadian truck driving jobs requiring a work permit. It is common knowledge that to keep the transportation of goods and people in Canada running smoothly and efficiently; the country has to import a new crop of young, talented foreign professionals, trained drivers with experience trucking in the Gulf countries, and long-haul truckers.

 Truck drivers with two years of experience in the Gulf countries, a valid license from one of those countries, and a spotless driving record are highly sought after by Canadian businesses. While the typical Canadian truck driver is 48 years old, companies are actively recruiting young, capable people to take on the many responsibilities that come with the job.

Jobs in Canada for Truck Drivers in 2023

Canada’s Truck Driving Requirements

Standards for Eligibility

Canada’s employers are constantly looking for skilled and dependable drivers due to the country’s booming transportation industry.

Truck drivers must meet the following employment criteria to be hired:

  • Age Requirement: Must Be 18+ (although some companies require more years of experience to work for them)
  • Completion of 12th grade or its equivalent
  • Up to three months of accredited driver training at a vocational school
  • On-the-job training under the CDL license programmed
  • Drivers of flatbed trucks must hold a Class 3 or Class D license; those operating long-body combination trucks must have a Class 1 or Class A license; and those driving vehicles with airbrakes must have a Class A or Class 1 license.
  • Positions involving the transportation of dangerous items must have appropriate certification.

However, there are additional requirements, such as:

  • Having a negative driving record Possessing satisfactory results on the physical and eyesight examinations administered by the Ministry of Transportation
  • Being able to pass a test for drugs and alcohol

Foreign Truck Drivers in Canada Advantages

Canadian truck drivers are said to be well taken care of, with competitive salaries (estimates range from $55,000 to $70,000) and a variety of social and other amenities. Employers in Canada tend to favor truck drivers with experience driving large distances. The long-distance truck drivers are well compensated financially and provided several perks by their respective companies. For this and other reasons, qualified foreign nationals are interested in applying for truck driver jobs in Canada.

Unlike their American counterparts, truck drivers in Canada can set their hours. It is common for truck drivers to go on journeys that span several weeks or months. Long-distance truck drivers can negotiate their work schedules, including the number of days they work and the number of days they are off.

Prospective team drivers can also become solo drivers by getting experience in the trucking industry and picking up helpful hints and techniques. Trucking companies often allow their team drivers (or team leaders) to oversee a fleet of drivers.

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What Is The Average Salary Of A Truck Driver In Canada?

In Canada, a truck driver can expect to earn a median annual pay of $47,049, or about $24.13 an hour. Salary ranges from $39,598 for entry-level employment to $63,348 for the most experienced employees.

Increasing Need for Truck Drivers in Canada

The need for truck drivers is excellent all around Canada, which is the most obvious perk. Since 2021, a severe lack of truck drivers has made it difficult for businesses to fill open positions. Trucking HR Canada estimates that between now and 2025, Canada will need to hire more than 17 thousand additional truck drivers yearly. Hence, if you want a secure job with good prospects, truck driving is your field.

That pays well

Despite this, many people are taken aback when they learn how handsomely truck drivers are compensated. The national average compensation for a truck driver is high; though it can vary widely based on factors like the state or province you work in, your degree of experience, and the number of hours you work each week.

Income is high, and there is always room for growth. Working overtime and additional shifts can earn more money in your pocket. Your salary will increase as you gain work experience and a more impressive resume.

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How To Apply?

It’s time to get your résumé in order and apply for jobs. Apply immediately if you have driving experience; you can visit these sites for truck driver jobs,

Jobs in Canada for Truck Drivers in 2023
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