Farm jobs in Portugal for foreigners

Farm jobs in Portugal are seasonal jobs in Portugal and most employers sponsor foreigners. Portugal visa sponsorship form jobs are great for foreigners as they make it easy for them to enter the country with a visa, work permit, and job offer. We know that most people want to know about how to apply for farm jobs in Portugal with visa sponsorship. That’s why today we are going to post complete details about farm jobs in Portugal with visa sponsorship. Read the complete articles if you want to know the best and easy way to apply for this job.

Farm jobs in Portugal for foreigners (visa sponsorship)

Job Details:

Job CountryPortugal
Job titleAgriculture Jobs
Minimum age21 to 40 years
knowledge requiredYes
Experience requirednot too many/unskilled jobs
Visa SponsorshipYes
Average Salary600 to 800 EUR per Month


  • Fresh Food
  • Accommodation
  • Community
  • Opportunities for Skill Development
  • Good Work-Life Balance
  • Good Salary

Available Farm Jobs in Portugal With Visa Sponsorship

Farm Laborer:

This role typically involves manual labor, such as planting, weeding, and harvesting crops. The position may require physical fitness and the ability to work in all types of weather conditions.

Tractor Driver


  • Preparing the land for planting and cultivation
  • Transporting equipment and supplies
  • Harvesting and transporting crops
  • Maintaining and repairing equipment as needed
  • Following safety protocols and regulations

Farm Manager


  • Planning and managing the planting, cultivation, and harvesting of crops
  • Managing the care and feeding of livestock
  • Developing and implementing agricultural practices that promote sustainable farming
  • Maintaining equipment and ensuring the safety of employees
  • Developing budgets and managing finances
  • Marketing and selling farm products to customers

Dairy farm

Dairy farming is an important sector of agriculture in Portugal, and there are many opportunities for foreigners to work on dairy farms in the country. Dairy farms in Portugal typically produce milk, cheese, and other dairy products, and may also raise cattle for meat production.

How to find Visa Sponsorship

First, find employers in your industry willing to sponsor work visas for foreign workers. Some employers may have a specific application process for visa sponsorship, while others may not openly advertise the opportunity. We have provided a link in applying section open this link and you can see the list of jobs given by some employers and then search for employers who are offering visa sponsorship. So you need to check the list of jobs and then submit your application to the employer for visa sponsorship.

How to Apply

Click on the below and go to that website and then you can see a list of jobs and you can apply for these jobs and check the description of jobs and many more.


Farm jobs in Portugal for foreigners

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