Factory worker jobs in Australia for Foreigners

HMO International Human Resources, a reputable international recruitment service in the United Kingdom, requires foundry plant workers. Manpower Pooling is a well-respected Philippine government agency that operates overseas and recruits citizens of the Philippines to work in various occupations in countries other than the Philippines. The company recruits general and skilled laborers for industries such as construction, hotel services, hospitality, tourism, and technical and mechanical work in nations outside of the United States.

 Many people from the Philippines are already employed in various reputable industries in other nations, for Labor Pooling recruits workers from multiple countries, including Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia, among others. Hundreds of global corporations and businesses operate in Australia, and to meet the demand for their services, they recruit locals and people from other countries. The foundry plant workers that For Manpower Pooling is trying to hire will receive an attractive wage package ranging from $2,500 to $3,500 per month. Applicants interested in this position can submit their applications online.

Factory worker jobs in Australia for Foreigners (Online Apply)

Job Details

  • Position: Worker in the Foundry Industry
  • Salary: $2,500–3,500 per month
  • Industry: Fabrication / Foundry Factory
  • Technical Proficiency: Fresh / Regular
  • Language Proficiency: Basic English (Conversational)
  • Full-Time: Employment Type

Following the application process’s completion, the staffing agency’s human resources department will evaluate, shortlist, and ultimately hire the candidates.

Available at This Location

  • Factory Worker
  • Production Worker,
  • Security Guard Positions

Employment Opportunities

The Barest Minimum Need to Apply for This Job:

  • You should be able to investigate and communicate in English.
  • You should have had at least one and a half years of responsibility in the role before this one. Fresher May similarly apply
  • Applicants’ ages should be between 20 and 48 years old
  • Original Documents and Visas Required
  • No Police Case
  • Including Money and Other Perks Details: Amazing Benefits Package, including Overtime Pay (Monthly Salary: $3,500;


  • The foundry factories in Australia provide enticing compensation packages for their employees
  • Applicants can apply for permanent residency after working in Australia for two years and receiving a salary rise
  • Bonuses \s
  • Insurance \s
  • Incentives
  • Day offs
  • Holidays

 After gaining expertise in this workforce sector, you can relocate to any other country in this field and take advantage of more attractive compensation packages there.

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How To Apply:

To apply, each potential candidate must first review the specifics and ensure they meet all the requirements for each given establishment.

  • The submit get/interface is provided for your convenience. Please fill out the form by clicking on the affiliation provided.
  • Your most recent CV or resume
  • A photograph Connection will contact the chosen people.

To apply for the position, please find the improvement on the site page that best suits you, read the headline carefully, ensure all of your details are correct, and send us your resume so we can get to know you.

Factory worker jobs in Australia for Foreigners
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