Apple Picker Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In Canada 2024 ($11.43/Hour)

In 2024, working as an apple picker on a sponsored visa can earn you $22,289 annually or $11.43 per hour in Canada. Fruit pickers are highly sought-after in Canada, making this opportunity one not to be missed, especially for young individuals. Harvesting fruit in Canada is advised for several reasons, with the ease of obtaining a seasonal working visa being one of them. The Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) facilitates the hiring of temporary foreign workers by Canadian agricultural businesses, including fruit farms. If you’re legally permitted to work in Canada, you’re eligible to apply for these positions. Here’s all you need to know about apple picker jobs with visa sponsorship in Canada for 2024.

Apple Picker Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In Canada 2024


Apple pickers play a crucial role in Canada’s thriving agriculture sector, making them highly in demand. This article explores apple harvesting jobs in Canada and highlights the additional benefit of visa sponsorship for foreign applicants.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

These are visa sponsorship fruit harvesting jobs in Canada, with businesses actively hiring laborers in the agricultural industry, particularly in fruit-picking fields. Fluency in English is a requirement, with knowledge of French being advantageous. While prior training experience is not necessary, some prior experience in the farming industry can be beneficial.

Benefits of Apple Picker Job with Visa Sponsorship in Canada

  1. Stable Employment: Apple picking can provide stable employment for the duration of the harvest season, typically lasting several months.
  2. Competitive Rates: Canadian employers often pay competitive rates to apple pickers, ensuring fair compensation.
  3. Possibilities for Overtime Pay: During peak harvest times, apple picker jobs may offer overtime pay opportunities.
  4. Practical Experience: Apple picking jobs provide practical experience in agriculture, including harvesting, packing, and sorting goods.
  5. Outdoor Work Environment: Working in orchards offers a natural work environment with plenty of sunlight and fresh air.
  6. Physical Activity: The nature of apple picking involves physical tasks like bending, lifting, and climbing ladders, promoting physical well-being.
  7. Cultural Interaction: Many apple orchards employ seasonal workers from different nations, fostering cultural exchange and networking opportunities.

Additional Benefits

  • Immigration Support: Employers often provide assistance with visa applications and relocation logistics.
  • Exploring Canada: Apple picking allows workers to explore different regions of Canada and experience its diverse landscapes and communities.
  • Food Supply: By helping to harvest and distribute fresh products, apple pickers contribute to food security and sustainability.

Job Description: Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada

  • Sorting fruit based on grade, color, and size before packing.
  • Weighing and packing fruits according to predetermined amounts.
  • Cleaning and maintaining packaging equipment.
  • Evaluating fruit quality and discarding damaged items.
  • Moving, loading, and unloading crates.
  • Labeling products and containers.
  • Transferring packages to processing units.

How to Apply

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Conclusion Working as an apple picker in Canada while receiving visa sponsorship offers a unique opportunity for a rewarding career and a chance to live in a multicultural nation. With excellent benefits, career potential, and the opportunity to obtain a visa, apple picking can pave the way for a bright future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the salary of Apple Pickers in Canada?

The average pay for an apple picker in Canada is $11.43 per hour or $22,289 per year.

What is the pay scale for a fruit picker?

Fruit pickers are compensated based on the amount of fruit harvested, with some paid on an hourly basis.

Can Canadian agricultural laborers obtain permanent residence?

The Agri-Food Pilot offers experienced, non-seasonal workers in certain industries a pathway to permanent residency in Canada.

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